2 May 2017


For the first time the Green party contest all Kent County Council seats in Swale.

On Thursday 4th May, the Green Party are contesting all seven Kent County Council seats in Swale. For the first time, every elector in Swale will have the opportunity to vote Green. Membership of Swale Green Party increased by 300% in the run up to the 2015 election. The full slate of candidates reflects the increased membership and activity of the Green Party in Swale.


Tim Valentine, Election Agent for Swale Green Party said: “With increased awareness of poor air quality, the pressure of new development and ever worsening traffic congestion, a strong Green voice on Kent County Council is needed more than ever. Kent County Council’s policy of relentlessly encouraging road traffic has given Kent the highest number of deaths from air pollution in the region. Instead we should design our communities so that we can provide a safe, healthy environment for everyone, enable us to enjoy walking and cycling, and provide the option of efficient public transport.”


The Green Party is calling for a significant reduction in air pollution, which is responsible for approximately 745 deaths in Kent each year, will work for better integrated public transport, and supports 20mph speed limits on roads where people live.


About Green Party Candidates in Swale for the KCC election, 4th May 2017.


Huw Jones: Sittingbourne North

Huw is now retired from a career in educational drama and theatre. Huw has been involved with local theatre groups, and is an active supporter of Amnesty International and Liberty. He believes that the growing Green Party support should be reflected in the make-up of local politics. 


Dru Hopkins: Sheppey

Dru has lived in Queenborough for 6 years, and is passionate about nature conservation. If elected, she would work within the community to provide better provision of care in the community, reduced traffic congestion, more meaningful jobs, less litter and a better cycle path network.


Richard Bishop: Sheppey

 Richard has lived on Sheppey most of his life. He is committed to improving infrastructure and access to services that are needed after the building of new housing developments. He is keen to ensure that any future developments don’t create any further strain on the island’s resources.


Jonathan Grace: Sittingbourne South

Jonathan is a surveyor and has lived in Swale for 16 years. He has three children and is standing for the Green Party to provide s a more optimistic future for young people. Jonathan believes that environmental issues and equality should be more prominent in local politics.


Tim Valentine: Swale West

Tim is a director of a community-owned solar farm near Iwade, which generates enough clean British energy for 1250 homes, and gives grants to local community projects. Tim supports local energy-efficiency projects which provide local jobs, reduce the cost of home heating and tackle climate change.


Alastair Gould: Swale East

As a local GP, Alastair realises that people’s health and our planet’s health are linked. More journeys made by cycling, walking and public transport would improve air quality and greatly benefit people's health. Alastair makes home visits by bicycle, so knows how to make active transport a realistic choice for more people. 


Peter Hutchinson: Faversham

We can have a future with clean power, clean transport and clean air.  We can build places where people can work as well as live.  We don’t have to cover Kent with sprawling dormitories, fracking sites and lorry parks.  Let’s make the Garden Green!