We are a diverse and welcoming group of local people who take decisions together at our regular local party meetings, where we debate and decide our priorities and campaigns.

Swale Green Party is officially a local party of the Green Party of England and Wales. On 21st September 2015, we adopted a constitution and elected local officers.

The following local officers were elected:

Coordinator: Tim Valentine

Helen WoodallTim has been our candidate for Faversham & Mid Kent constituency, as well as standing for council, and he co-ordinates Swale Green Party. He has lived in Selling for 14 years and is a professor of psychology, specialising in forensics. As well as campaigning against fracking in Kent, he has pushed for ethical pension investments.

In Tim's words:

"I honestly believe in a fairer society, created for the people, run for the common good. I’m passionate about saving local NHS services. Only the Green Party will change the minimum wage into a living wage, so that working people don’t have to rely on government handouts just to feed their families. I’m determined to protect local people from fracking despite the governments’ attempt to force it on us. I’m an enthusiastic supporter of renewable energy. I know that only the Green Party will end austerity. Only the Green Party are pledged to rebuild public services and permanently reduce energy bills by improving energy efficiency. Only the Green Party will seriously tackle the deficit by making sure that  multi-national corporations and the super-rich pay their fair contribution of tax."

Treasurer: Huw Jones

Election agent & Nominating Officer: Tim Valentine

Secretary (including membership): Karen Evans

Fundraising Coordinator: Peter Hutchinson

Website Manager: Gavin McGregor

Press and Social Media Coordinator: Tina Hagger

Tina was one of our target ward candidates for Faversham Town and Swale District Council elections in 2015.

Tina has lived in Faversham for five years and in Kent for all of her life. She works at a local University in Canterbury. Proud to call Faversham home, she wants to serve the local people by enhancing and protecting this unique community, town and environment. She is passionate about achieving a fair deal for residents, ensuring the town has the services it needs, securing its future as a thriving local economy, continuing local trades, preserving the town’s unique character and taking care of the wonderful natural environment around the town.