Green Councillors

Two Green councillors were elected for Boughton & Courtenay ward in the Swale Borough Council elections in 2019.

Tim Valentine & Alastair Gould were both elected and have taken their place on the council as part of the Green Wave 2019 that saw the Green Party gain just under 200 new councillors across the country, an increase of nearly 400%!

They are already making positive change in Swale - since their election the council has declared a Climate & Ecological Emergency and is now working towards being Carbon Neutral by 2025.

In May 2021 Rich Lehmann was elected in Swale East and joins three other Green councillors on Kent County Council. This was a fantastic result and has significantly raised our Green representation from one to four councillors!

You can find out more about how our Green councillors have been making a difference in Swale here and you can find the monthly Councillors' Report on our News Page.

If you would like to get involved in the next election we contest, please get in touch. We need lots of volunteers to get our message out to local residents!

Councillor Rich Lehmann


You can find his full profile on the Kent County Council website




Alastair Gould is Deputy Cabinet Member for Planning and his committee appointments include the Local Plan Panel and Swale Joint Transportation Board.

You can find his full profile on the Swale Borough Council website



Tim Valentine is a Cabinet Member focusing on climate change and improving biodiversity in the borough, his committee appointments include the Planning Committee and Planning Working Group

You can find his full profile on the Swale Borough Council website


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